At 20:40 +0000 22/3/14, Steve Rickaby wrote:

>At 13:26 -0700 22/3/14, Matt Sullivan wrote:
>>Not directly, but if you set View - color - View to hide black that would 
>>make it easier to search
>Neat idea: thanks...
>Why is it that the weirdest things happen when you're up against a deadline?

Now here's an odd thing. I hid black throughout the book. Some chapters have 
extraneous color definitions: I don't know whether that is a factor, but...

Scanning the book with black turned off, every page was satisfactorily blank. 
However, in two chapters - actually one chapter and the index - all the text 
frames were still visible, although their contents weren't, as expected. All 
chapters shared the same template. I checked the color views and the 
definitions of 'black', and also copied the page layouts from a chapter with 
correctly invisible frames to the chapter with visible frames, but with no 
effect: the frames still stayed visible.

As the frames are set to 'no pen' anyway, this shouldn't have any effect on the 
output, but I don't like unexplained phenomena! I'm also uneasy about the 
effect of the color view setting when applied to a whole book in which 
different chapters have different sets of color definitions: I'm not sure that 
FrameMaker always gets it right.

And why would one page - only *one page* in the entire book - call for an extra 
brown spot plate just to print the crop marks, which are hard-coded to 100% C, 
100% M, 100% Y, 100% K anyway (thus messing up the preflight plate count)?

As this is a very old installation of FrameMaker, using the Apple LaserWriter 8 
Postscript driver, I don't expect solutions, I'm just airing this as a 
curiosity. I daresay other, different fun color issues await me in FrameMaker 
for Windows ;-)


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