We're finally using FrameMaker here. I've used it since 5.5.6 but here's a
situation I've not seen before.

Before, they were using Word and an XML-based authoring system. Word did
not play nicely with their automated review process, but, with their XML
documents, the author could sign the file out of the repository, then send
it automatically for review. The review and any changes would come back
directly, whereupon, the author could make changes and check it back into
the repository.

What is important here is that the reviewer can view the raw XML file; the
author does not need to convert or export anything. Now, FrameMaker can
export into XML, but doing so would break the automated process and they
would be reduced to doing like I have to do with Word: e-mail chunks of
text or save them somewhere on the network, etc.

So, my question is this: can FrameMaker work directly with XML? Or does
FrameMaker only work with its binary *.FM file?

Thanks for this. I could theoretically check this out myself, but, for the
moment, I only have the licence and not the software :D

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