At 13:29 -0600 27/3/14, Carol J. Elkins wrote:

>I'm generating PDFs out of Frame 11 and opening them in Acrobat 11 Pro in a 
>Windows environment. I've discovered that the text in cross-references created 
>in Framemaker cannot be annotated in Acrobat using the Strikethrough Text tool 
>or the Insert Text at Cursor tool, and probably other tools as well. Because 
>the text is a cross-reference, the user sees a hand cursor rather than a 
>cross-hair or I-beam and is thus unable to annotate the text.
>I've tried various combinations of holding the Control, Shift, and Alt keys 
>down, but the hand cursor persists. Does anyone know a trick to force Acrobat 
>to ignore the fact that text is a cross-reference and allow users to annotate 
>the text?

In such circumstances I've resorted to the pen tool, and ringed the offending 
item. Such annotations can still carry a text field.

Steve [Trim e-mails: use less disk, use less power, use less planet]

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