Thanks for trying, Winfried. Unfortunately, text in the middle of the cross-reference isn't annotatable. The I-beam cursor starts red-lining wherever it is placed and the user can't segregate just the text that they want to annotate from the surrounding text in the cross-reference.

I think that either identifying the revision in a balloon or encircling it with an added explanation is the only option. Since cross-references exist on a layer above the text, I was hoping there was a nifty way to "drill down" below the cross-ref layer to get at the text. Worse case, I could teach my reviewers how to delete all cross-refs in the document, but that is too complex and also defeats the purpose of checking to ensure the cross-refs go to where they should.

I'll add it to my list of feature requests.


At 11:00 AM 3/28/2014, you wrote:
Hi Carol,

I just did what you describe, and it works without any problems.
I created a file with some text, created a cross-reference
to this paragraph which lists only the paragraph text
(<$paratext>) and created a PDF.
Then I move the cursor to the right of the cross-reference.
The cursor's appearance changes to an i-beam. Then I press
the left mouse button and move the i-beam across the cross-
reference. Then I press the Strikethrough symbol to apply this
comment type.
This also works when I press the Strikethough icon first and then
start selecting. This works whether I start selecting from the left
or the right side of the cross-reference.
Maybe you should move the cursor farther away to get the i-beam

Best regards


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