An easy way to make a selection unconditional is to press Ctrl+6. The related 
shortcut is Ctrl+4 to apply a condition.

I use unstructured FM12 and I like it (gasp!). There are little things to get 
used to with each version, sure; once you have the pods/panels set up the way 
you like, FM is very usable. Many of the changes that the Adobe engineers made 
over the years are in response to requests from users. They do consider 
feedback and pay attention to what users want. Look at how lucky we are - we 
aren't forced into subscriptions like the Creative Cloud. (The forced 
subscriptions have ended my purchases of the video production suite.)
Software is always changing, to attempt to retain and attract customers and 
evolve with the times. I can't think of any software programs that are 
completely perfect and bug-free. FM is one of the better ones out there, in my 
Consider me a satisfied customer since FM 5.0.

Alexandra Duffy

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