This might require more than just FrameMaker knowledge, but the Eclipse User 
Assistance forums aren't responding, so I'm hoping someone here can help.
I'm producing Eclipse User Assistance with FrameMaker 10 and Mif2Go, and I'd 
like to create a real link from one manual to another. They are in separate jar 
files and each has their own TOC XML file, but they are all installed together. 
I've been reading the Mif2Go User's Guide and the Framer's list, and I see a 
lot of options for how to do this, but I'm not sure which is best:

*         Should I use 19.6 "Linking to other files and other Mif2Go projects"? 
It says it's for links to files whose names or locations will change after 
conversion. I use a wrap directory and I already use a .bat file to copy the 
files to the wrap directory, but I'm not sure how this would translate into a 
link once the Eclipse UA files are in jars.

*         Or should I use 19.7 "Linking to external destinations" and provide 
the URL of the destination page, which I can get from viewing the Eclipse User 
Assistance in a browser? This assumes I can set the destination anchor to 
something that won't change every time I convert the FrameMaker files to 
Eclipse UA.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Fei Min Lorente
Senior Technical Communicator
Medical and Wireless Division<>
+1 519-884-9696 ext. 2229 | Waterloo office
+1 519-831-4931 | mobile
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