Hi Dan,

CTRL+TAB should also bring the focus to the document after Find is clicked.

Entire key sequence that I use in this scenario is:

1.       CTRL+f

2.       Write text to be found

3.       ENTER

4.       CTRL+TAB

5.       Write text to replace


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I think people asked for this change, which was implemented in FM 11. It allows 
you to press find then press Enter to continue searching. You could suggest 
this to Adobe to allow people to select either functionality.

You could use SHIFT+F7 to move the focus to the main document.

Shmuel Wolfson

Technical Writer

On 04-Apr-14 5:02 PM, Harding, Dan wrote:
I just started using FM12 this week, coming from FM10, and just ran full tilt 
into a major difference in functionality that I don't know how to get past:

In FM10, when doing a search, once the first string/object was found, the 
cursor focus was automatically placed back into the document itself at the 
point where the searched for object/string was found, so I could immediately 
start making changes. In FM12, on the other hand, when you perform a search, 
the cursor focus remains in the search pod, and hitting Esc or Alt+Tab doesn't 
put you back in the document flow!

My workflow for some rather laborious tasks after the initial search string is  
entered into the search pod is Ctrl+f, ENTER, [make changes necessary], Ctrl+ 
f, ENTER, [make different changes at next location], lather rinse repeat. In 
FM10 and earlier versions all the way back to 5 or 6, the interface kept me in 
the document text flow so I never had to lift my fingers from the keyboard. 
Now, I have to manually click with the mouse into the document to get back, 
which for a keyboard-centric worker is [CENSORED] inefficient and frustrating. 
One of the things I love about Frame is that I can literally do the majority of 
my work without touching the [CENSORED] mouse.

In FM12, is there a keystroke that will move the cursor focus from the search 
pod back into the document to the point where the searched-for object is 

Or is there any way (preference, scripting, whatever) to make the search pod 
NOT retain cursor focus after a search is executed?

This is very frustrating.




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