I'm pretty sure it just in there in the off-chance that you create HTML 
straight out of FM (which you wouldn't because it's supposedly pretty horrible 
- thus MIF2Go). I think it's completely harmless to leave in there.

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Subject: HTML Mapping Table

I have an HTML mapping table showing up my reference pages. I'm fairly certain 
I don't need it-unless someone can explain why I may need it? I don't create 
any help from Frame, but I may just be showing my ignorance, hence my first 
question. This mapping table came from an old Frame 7 template (which we were 
creating help files), which unfortunately carries over even though I've updated 
the templates.

Next, I tried to delete the table from the reference pages, and when I delete 
the page, it reproduces itself about 8 times, and I have to manually delete all 
the "new" ones that popped up. Any suggestions on what is going on and how to 
delete once?

I use Frame 12 on a 64-bit Windows 7 system.



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