Using Adobe TCS Suite 4 - FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10

I have a problem where cross-refs from one FM chapter to another chapter in
the same book are not being turned into links in the RH output.

In the FM files, I verified all the links are fine - no broken cross-refs.
When I generate a PDF from the FM book, all the cross-refs work.

After updating the files in RH, the file Design view shows the links with
the link text in blue and underlined, but there's no "Hyperlink properties"
on the right-click menu, and HTML view shows that it's missing the href that
specifies the link destination.

There is a corresponding Japanese version for the documents and the same is
happening there as well making me think it's more likely in FM than in RH.

 Somewhere there is either

   - a setting telling RH not to include the link destination for some
   links, or
   - a setting in FM telling it not to export the link destination for
   links to other FM files

Any ideas where this might be?

Also - any suggestions about what I could copy from another project to fix

Help please - this was due yesterday ...

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