Rick says 
I wasn't aware of the Socket
object, but I just tried your script and it works great! This opens up
possibilities for some interesting applications. 

Indeed, this can get real interesting.  I while ago I developed a web app to 
manage variable definitions, and a GUI to upload or use these definitions.  I 
did it in the FDK, but that's not an issue.  See the docs for it here: 

CudSpan MakerVars
   CudSpan MakerVars
CudSpan MakerVars Guide Click a TOC item to show or hide the doc section. 
Introduction HyperVars is a web-based variables management system for Fr...  
View on www.cudspan.net Preview by Yahoo  

I think there could be lots of room to develop interesting features with data 
stored "on the cloud" as it were.  If we could re-implement MML in some form, 
that would open things up tremendously.  But there's still lots of data you 
could put out there, and a possibility to offer a subscription-based service.  
Also, this would be the way to integrate Maker with a WIKI...

I'd love to hear peoples' ideas for features along these lines that they would 
find interesting!


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