I have not had to do it in a while*, but when I needed to reset my 
activations, it only took a 5 minute class to tech support. 
It sounds like you got a poorly trained support person. If it ever happens 
again, get their name/ID number and ask for the manager.

*With the Cloud subscription, it is not longer an issue; you can reset them 

David Creamer
IDEAS Training

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 10:26:59 AM UTC-7, Joseph Lorenzini wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I am writing this to warn you about a licensing issue that could cause you 
> great pain. This is about tcs 3.5.
> Adobes perpetual license, which I have, states that the license may only 
> be activated on no more than two computers. However, it doesn't specify 
> what a "computer" means which is really important here. 
> The screen on my laptop had gone bad. I got a new computer shell and moved 
> my hard drive from the old shell to the new shell. This counted as a new 
> computer from the license servers point of view because while it was the 
> same hardware specs various things were different such as the MAC address. 
> Customer support informed me that this was documented on the adobe web 
> site. It's not. I asked if they could clear out the "bad" activation. They 
> say that's impossible but they could make an exception. 
> I am relieved that I can still use the license but be warned: if you plan 
> change the hardware make sure to deactivate the license before you do.
> Sincerely, 
> Joseph Lorenzini 

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