Normally, a backslash followed by another character is treated as an "escape" 
mechanism for the subsequent character.

So, "\Dabc" for example, gives you a double dagger before the characters "abc", 
etc. This is completely normal behavior from FrameMaker's perspective.

If you truly want a path to contain "\Dabc", you need to enter it in the dialog 
window as "\\Dabc", so that the double back-slash gets converted to a single 
one later when that folder is accessed later.

However, a better question is "do you really want a backslash in a path"? 
Non-Windows systems may have difficulty with this since it would not be a 
folder separator for those OS's.

So (without knowing what you are seeking to do here), I would recommend using a 
single forward-slash "/" instead. If you are using this as a delimiter for a 
folder name, that is. In Windows systems, this should get treated as a folder 
delimiter ... as far as I know.


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Sent: Monday, May 05, 2014 11:30 AM
Subject: Using a backslash (\) in Hypertext marker

I need to create a hypertext marker for Open Document & Fit to Page. The 
problem occurs when I enter the path for the document in the marker window. The 
characters \D are replaced by a double dagger and \F are replaced by the florin 

I've looked at Adobe's documentation on hypertext markers and it doesn't 
mention this behavior. Does anyone know how I can get the marker window to 
leave the text exactly as typed?

I'm using Frame 10 on Windows 7 Professional.


Pat Christenson
Resource Coordinator
Fitzgerald Marketing and Communications<>


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