Read to *"The Cure or is it a Gotcha?"* [Because this is why I need advice.]

I am running TCS 5 on Windows 8.1 on a 64bit desktop with 16gb Ram.

Yesterday, May 6th, beginning the first day of my 80th year, Adobe
Manager presented me with my present, an upgrade to Acrobat Pro 11, which
went AOK, and Frame 12.0.2 which went crazy  = afterwards, I opened my last
saved docs and a book from the day before and everything (tabs, pods,
frames, et al) were:

   1. SUBAR (Shrunked Up Beyond All Repair  = works for me.)
   2. Sizing Selects, via Zooms or Pic Lists ("fit window to text
   frame") were neither clickable or visible other than with a loupe,
   which by that time, I was loopy.
   3. The pull down menus which I hoped would have a preference or view box
   to select or deselect could only be acceptable to either Ray Charles or
   Helen Keller. As of this writing, neither perform tech support for Adobe
   despite their obvious qualifications.

*At least I had an excuse; *

   1. I call my publisher, he appreciates satire, and I tell him the first
   draft of "Double Jointed Peanuts" is 4F, unfit for duty, and that another
   conscript will arrive once I contact Adobe and write Framers and get out of
   my SUBAR.
   2. I gave up on getting a quick fix from Adobe; their support system was
   developed for mad hatters, but not old ones.

*The cure = or is it a gotcha?*

   1. After several restarts of Frame while checking to see if other docs
   were equally SUBAR (they were), including my trying to create a new doc, I
   thought maybe the upgrade was defunct and not a competence test for ancient
   2. I de-installed Frame, which was, as suggested by Adobe Manager,
   3. I do a restart, and then go to Adobe TCS 5 set up in my download
   folder and reinstall Frame
   4. TCS subscription recognizes me, now all my shrunken heads are ready
   for action = no problem. Frame works like an effective
system. *Back
   to work, no more excuses!*

*Now for the Oops!*

   1. Today, one day older and wiser, on boot up, Adobe Manager has another
   present for me.
   2. I eyeball the upgrade = Frame 12.0.2.
   3. What should I do, try the upgrade again or let sleeping dogs lie.
      1. If it works, hurray,
      2. If it fails, I'm back in the loop, what do I accomplish other than
      to tell Adobe their updating system is SUBAR?
      3. Does anyone know of other or similar TCS upgrade issues? If so,
      what's the work-around?

Thanks for listening,


Ted Steinberg
Management Consultant
Apartado 185-7150
Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica
506-2556-5044 [Costa Rica]

   1. ted.steinberg5634 [Skype]

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