Here's what's odd:

   1. I acquired the first download for TCS 5 on 2014.01.21, the day
   I subscribed and paid for the yearly plan. Insofar as I knew it was not a
   'trial version."Although it's somewhat of a trial in the effectivity sense.
   2. Two weeks ago, Adobe Application Manager announces an upgrade for
   Frame 12 along with one for Acrobat XI Pro & I install both at the same
   time. I go to Frame and it's SUBAR. [Shrunked Up Beyond All Repair.]
   3. I de-install it, then I re-install the one from the first download.
   No more SUBAR. Hurray, I'm back in the saddle again (clippity clop,
   clippity clop).
   4. The next day, on computer start-up, Adobe Application Manager say's
   "howdy" and I look at the Frame 12 patch = same number as before. Not
   heeding the words of Gary Cooper, I decide to try it one more time,
   thinking that Acrobat is upgraded and looking AOK, maybe it's an anomaly
   (no-see-um = biting insect, smaller than a  bug). Same result as in 2.,
   above. *What did Gary Cooper say, I know you're asking?*
      1. "Ain't no horse that can't be rode." [Reference to Joan Crawford
      is impertinent.]
      2. "Ain't no cowboy that can't be throw'd." [He loved and lost, it's
      been said.]
   5. Once more I repeat the de-install re-install process. Another Hurray.
   6. Later in the day, within Frame, I decided to check for updates, and
   there was one suggested; the version was the same as in Adobe Application
   Manager. For a change of pace, I try the in-Frame patch & once more I got
   on the horse and got off the horse with ready assistance from the horse.
   [How does this horse know Gary Cooper?]
   7. Two days ago, having heard from two of Adobe's Frame Wizards about
   their interest in horses, I decided to de-install all of TCS 5, and
   re-install only Frame. Then I applied the patch & it failed, so I repeated
   the de-install re-install of Frame, then Acrobat; both worked; then the
   other parts; they look OK & I assume they work.
   8. Yesterday, Adobe Application Manager say's hello and this time I see
   lots of patches for TCS 5 but none for Frame. I install the patches, check
   to see if they are sober = AOK, I reopen Frame, go to updates, and it tells
   me I am up to date. Yippee. I check the Frame version I am using and it is
   the same one which proceeded this merry go round. *Someone is trying to
   corral the horse.*
   9. Today, in Frame, I recheck for updates and I am up to date as in #8.
   Frame update gives me it's blessing,* the Horse is not running in The


   1. Frame's wiz kids will re-patch the patch, and it will reappear
   refined and sober-like.
   2. If Adobe goes into the merry-go-round business, I'm gonna ride a
   Tiger or a Lion; I'm cautious about their horses.
   3. Adobe's Suites should include Dramamine: download once, don't toss

I know my response is too big for fortune cookies, but it's perfect for


On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Craig Ede <> wrote:

> Do you think it's possible that the trial version does not include access
> to updates?
> Craig
> ------------------------------
> From:
> Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 09:20:20 -0600
> Subject: Re: Frame Upgrade Gotcha my Current TCS 5 Subscription
> To:
> CC:
> Glad to share the pox.
> Following this, you will receive a copy of my email to Adobe on this issue.
> FWIW, in Frame 12 the trial version, since reinstalled umpteen times, when
> I check to see if there is an update, the response I get is that this
> version is up to date. It is the old version, prior to the patch.
> ..snipped...

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