1a. The original pdf is an outline drawing from google maps done in Generic CAD. As part of that process, the original pdf also had a title, a ruler to measure the map in increments, and some notes at the bottom.

1b. This drawing was cropped using Adobe Acrobat XI tools which removed the title, ruler and notes.

2a. The second file is a Frame 12 document which imported the cropped pdf from Item 1 onto the master page.

2b. On the body page of the Frame document are some hundreds of numbers (dots on the map).

2c. This looks just great in Frame and prints properly.

3. Save as pdf in Frame brings the uncropped image from Item 1a as part of the pdf from 2c.

4. The pdf generated in item 3 will be inserted as an anchored frame in a new document.

How to fix # 3, i.e. to get the cropped file to stay cropped? Following that, I'll have to figure out how to accomplish #4—which may not be a problem if I can fix # 3.

Thanks in advance,

(This is reprinted from Adobe Frame & Acrobat forums...because there are a lot of wise people here)

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