BTW, repeating this "format - save - undo" operation will kind of toggle
the side heads on and off again, both on the body pages and the master


Rick Quatro: 

> Confirmed here as well.
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing Inc.
> 585-366-4017
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> [] On Behalf Of Harding, Dan
> Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 1:31 PM
> To:
> Subject: Reproducible FM12 file corruption?
> I've been seeing occasional wonkiness (yes, I know... it's a technical term)
> since upgrading from FM10 to TCS5 (FM12), but I think I have narrowed at
> least one of them down to the point where the behavior is reproducible on
> demand, but I'll be darned if I know what is triggering it.
> Let's find out if it's just my installation/environment or if it affects
> others.
> I'm running TCS5 under Windows 7, 64-bit Enterprise.
> To try to eliminate character & paragraph format catalog issues and template
> anomalies, once I was able to reproduce the behavior, I tried doing the same
> in a generic FM file, and am also seeing the behavior there, so that's what
> I'm going to walk through. I've included screenshots of what I see along the
> way.
> 1. Create a new file using the default "Portrait" blank paper.
> [1]
> 2. Copy in a few paragraphs of generic text (I use [2]).
> [3]
> 3. Save the file.
> 4. Place your cursor in one of the paragraphs.
> 5. In the Paragraph Designer, change the Spread to 1% and hit Enter to
> "Apply".
> [4]
> 6. Save the file.
> 7. Press Ctrl+z to undo.
> 8. WHAMMO! 
> [5]
> On my system, the margins change completely, as if room for side heads was
> added. In my main working file it also put footnotes in the middle of pages.
> Also, it's not just any kind of change prior to a save and then undo that
> triggers the corruption. Simple text edits do not trigger it, however
> changes in the paragraph and character designers do. It's not just font
> attributes, but changing paragraph attributes and applying them, followed by
> a save and undo will also trigger the corruption. Changing the color of
> selected text via the tool palette, save, undo, will also trigger it.
> It appears to be the sequence of (1) anything involving changing
> *ATTRIBUTES* of text, (2) a save, and (3) an immediate undo, that triggers
> it. If I do the above steps without a save, the undo does not cause the
> corruption. It's as if reverting to a pre-save state makes FM go haywire.
> Now that I know what triggers the page going nuts, I now know what to avoid
> doing. I would experience this periodically since I'm a save-monkey, and
> wouldn't know what the heck was going on.
> Bizarre.
> Dan Harding
> Technical Editorial Specialist
> University of Illinois Tax School
> _______________________________________________


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