I just spent the most infuriating afternoon trying to buy the software I
need for my growing doc group. It was incredible.
I will write more when I cool down.
I have cooled down.
As usual, the drones at Adobe follow their plan, and that plan sometimes
does not account for the needs of real-world writers.
I went to the STC Summit in Phoenix, where I got to talk to the
When I got into a fix, I spoke to them and they made it work.
Got to the Summit, and make connections with your Adobe reps. They want you
to be successful, but they live in a behemoth organization.  Personal
connections make all the difference. Adobe FM is the tool that I need.
Adobe Support make me want to become a mass-murderer. The contacts that I
made at the summit saved countless lives. (Well, a few anyway) (OK, I
probably wouldn't have actually *killed* anyone)  (All right, or even hurt
anyone very seriously) (But I'll tell ya - I'm a writer, Don't walk into my
irate imagination unarmed! Gosh! I was furious.)
Ahhhh - never mind.
They made it all work in the end. But it would not have worked without help
from the contacts that I made at the Summit.


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