Hi Rebecca,

Have you tried working in .mif files instead of .fm files and only saving to 
.fm when you're done for the day?

When we have some conditional text problems that crash FM, a mif wash of the 
files often helps, and sometimes fixes the problem.  If yours is a bug, then 
the mif wash won't help, because as soon as you're back in .fm you'll hit the 
bug again.  But maybe if you save the file as a mif, then work in the mif as 
much as you can, and only save as an .fm doc at the end, it would at least save 
you some time during development.

-- garyZ

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Hi everyone

I've just posted this on Adobe's bug tracker as 
https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=selectBug&CFGRIDKEY=3783041 but 
wanted to see if anyone else is seeing it too.

We have unstructured FM 12 files that use Expressions to choose what 
conditional text to display. We also use text insets, especially as TOCs in 
chapters. When we update the text insets, conditional text displays that should 
be hidden according to the Expression. This means our documents suddenly 
display extra text!

Our text insets are set to update automatically when files open, so opening a 
file is often enough to trigger this bug.

Fortunately, we found a workaround: The display becomes correct if we turn the 
Expression off and then on again. For example, if we set the Show/Hide 
Conditional Text dialog to Show All and click Apply, then set it to show as per 
the desired Expression and click Apply, it'll display correctly. Until the next 
time we do something radical like opening the file.

The workaround is a lot better than nothing, but it means we have to keep 
changing the Show/Hide Conditional Text dialog, across books of thousands of 
pages. It's slowing us down enough to drive us batty.


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