I've had quite a few crashes in FM12 so far.
For each and every one of them, I've submitted crash logs, and to Adobe's 
credit, someone has emailed me back, often asking for more info and copies of 
the files I was working on,
so there does seem to be a genuine effort to investigate and bug-fix.

On most of the crashes I was getting, the Adobe support engineer told me 
such-and-such had gotten corrupted (things like colour definitions or table 
formats or...)
I found this slightly unedifying because in each instance, I had only edited 
these things through Frame's own GUI (e.g. no messing about in MIF files or 
so it seemed Frame had managed to 'corrupt' them itself...

Looking forward to another patch release! :)



Message: 3
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 14:43:54 +0000
From: Vikram Verma <vikve...@adobe.com>

Hello Everyone,

I work as FrameMaker Product Manager at Adobe. I would like to mention that we 
have fixed a number of crashes in  FM 12 as well as in the couple of patches we 
have released since then. However, if you notice any crashes in your work, 
please report those to us. To report any crashes, please send an email to 
fmer...@adobe.com<mailto:fmer...@adobe.com> and include the reproducible steps 
and crash logs, if any.

We are arduously working to fix most of the crashes in FrameMaker 12. Stability 
is extremely important for us and we will be continuously working on making the 
product rock solid. I thank you in advance for your feedback.

Vikram Verma
Product Manager - RoboHelp | Technical Communication Suite | RoboHelp Server
O: +91-120-2444711 x 36103
M: +91-9560897778

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