You know, I tested the behavior of the Section number problem on this book three times before I sent the email for help. Then I tested the other five books (and 80 documents) in this series of books and the Section number does not reset when the files are closed and reopened. Then I tested the problem book and now the Section number behavior fine.

So I'd like to modify my question: Has anyone experienced any instability in the Document Numbering properties functionality?

I have had documents' Chapter number and Volume number mysteriously reset to 1 since upgrading to Frame12. I thought it was probably me having senior moments or perhaps I acidentally imported a book's numbering properties across all files in a book. But ever since this inconsistent behavior started, I've been much more careful to NOT import ANY Document properties in any books. I can't think of any other way that I could have corrupted the Chapter or Section numbers.

But the problem is intermittent and unpredicably caused. So other people's experiences might help to build a case.


I'm working in Frame 12 fully patched on a Win7 system. For each document in a book, I've set a specific Section number using the file's Numbering Properties (Format-->Document-->Numbering-->Section). Everything works fine while all files in the book are open. Cross-references to that section number work correctly. However, when I close the files in the book and reopen them, the Section number for each file has reset to 1.

For each of these files, I've also defined a Chapter number using the same process. The Chapter number does NOT reset when the files are closed are reopened.

Can anyone verify this behavior in their Frame12 app? If so, then I'll file a bug report.

BTW, is there a way to check to see if someone has already filed a bug report?



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