Hi Framers,

I'm having trouble converting my annual book to PDF. Using FM in Windows 7. Printer is Adobe PDF.

PDF Conversion: Initial attempts to convert whole book to PDF failed. Console error originally showed print setting for every color is inconsistent in the TOC file and show/hide comment setting is inconsistent in two of the 13 files in the book; Acrobat log showed empty file error.

For subsequent attempts, book error report advises optimizing PDF size for 8 files (of 13). To optimize, I open the first listed file, then open the optimization options pane and select this document only (not all linked files). Then I run the optimization, and a dialog box appears indicating FM has finished optimizing the intended file AND linked files, and that it processed ZERO files. No change in behavior if I tell FM to force optimize previously optimized files. On next conversion attempt, console reads "[PDFSize] Dumping Error Information [PDFSize]" but PDF generates. When converting book thereafter, the book error log displays the same files as needing optimization even though that was already done. Converting the files to PDF individually results in the same console optimization error.

Font Error: In the fully converted book, one file displays typographic errors in body text such that characters overlap each other. Error can appear on any character(s). Error does not begin until halfway through the first problem file, but continues through the next several files. Problem begins on page 5 of a 9-page chapter file--6 of 13 files; page 54 of 650+ for whole book. Affected font is Adobe Garamond Pro (open type) only when used as body font. Chapter files positioned in the book before the first affected file and use this Garamond as body text are not affected.

Book files that do not use Garamond as the main body font are not affected. The error isn't visible on screen or in paper output.

Saving the files individually in MIF format resolves the font error for all affected files EXCEPT the file in which it originated.

Thoughts on solving the remaining font error? And how to properly convert the whole book?

Thanks for any help,

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