Hi Rebecca, 

you have to tell FrameMaker to work with a "structapps.fm" in a location
different than the program folder.
The necessary command is in the "maker.ini" -- which itself is also in
the FM folder, unfortunately. 

But you can overwrite this general "maker.ini" with commands in your own
"maker.ini"-file. FrameMaker uses a second file with your personal
settings which is placed here: 

C:Users*Your User-Name*AppDataRoamingAdobeFrameMaker11 

Put in your user name (or login name) and find the folder on your
harddrive. Probably the user section is on drive c: (it could be on any
other accessible drive). 

Now, in this maker.ini there should already be a section [Directories].
If not, copy this section header with the square brackets into the file,
just before another section starts. 

Add the following command:
StructureDir=*Your Directory* 

*Your Directory* can be anywhere on your harddrive where you have the
right to change files. 

First, you also have to put a copy of a "structapps.fm" file into this
directory, otherwise FM still refers to the default path. 

Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Frasure, Rebecca - APHIS: 

> Windows 7, Framemaker 11 
> I have no admin privileges on my computer. How can I make edits to the 
> structapps file? I know there is a workaround, but I don't remember what it 
> was. 
> Thanks very much for anyone's help. 
> Rebecca Frasure 
> Editorial Assistant 
> 92 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 200 
> Frederick, MD 21702-4593 
> phone: 240-529-0353 
> fax: 240-529-0399 
> rebecca.l.fras...@aphis.usda.gov

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