> Because, fundamentally, I have always believed that the *quality* of 
> documentation, particularly external technical stuff, is a reflection on the 
> quality of the *rest* of the company.

BTW, when I look at documentation for a product, it gives me an indication of 
whether I want to do business with the company, or purchase/use their stuff, 
expect better support, etc.

But, I also make "allowances" for some issues.

For example, for a *small* overseas firm (i.e., outside the US), I will 
sometimes overlook - up to a point - language and grammar errors in their 
English docs, as long as the content is accurate and not too difficult to read. 
Particularly if the company is based in the Far East, where language 
differences are much more ... pronounced, shall we say.

However, if a company overseas - particularly a small one or in the Far East - 
provides excellent technical docs in English, then I will favor them *more*!



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