Is this Windows not asking? If so, then your file association has just gotten 
mixed up and assigned to some application (or none if it’s floundering around). 
Use Windows Explorer to reset this.

[] On Behalf Of Ed Nodland
Sent: August-04-14 7:28 PM
Subject: FM Crashed and now it doesn't ask for Application

While changing a font FM crashed. Now it doesn't ask me what application to use 
when I open an XML file.  My XML starts with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE chapter SYSTEM "regs4fm.dtd">
<?FM document ""?>

<chapter pageid="air.1" id="air.1" ref="1" xml:space="preserve">
<title class="chapter" masterpage="standard">
 . . . .

I had a problem a year ago when my DOCTYPE was <!DOCTYPE book . . .
Frame automatically applied the docbook application, so I changed it and my 
root element to "chapter" or "lmbook" as applicable.

Does anyone know why it would not ask for the application after a crash?

Ed Nodland


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