I previously wrote...

> >2. In a Parallels install of v 12 under Win7, online help is completely 
> >unusable: everything appears in a single column even if the dialog is 
> >widened.
>>Base machine is a Mac Pro running Mavericks.
>Any chance of your team picking this up, Vikram? All graphics are distorted, 
>all contents skewed off to the left. If the help window is widened, all text 
>collapses into a narrow column about one word wide.

This was due to the default Win7 install using IE 8. Upgrading to IE 9 fixed 
the issue

For some reason, although M$ strongly suggested I should upgrade to IE 11, it 
would not install on 64-bit Win7. I haven't pursued this yet.

Many thanks to Vikas and the TCS Gold team for excellent support over this 


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