I just posted a question about importing formats from a sidehead-enabled
Here's a related question:
Assuming we can make the sidehead template work, we'd like to be able to
put some content over there, while keeping it in Text Flow A. That works
fine for a single paragraph - the following non-sidehead paragraph appears
in the main column just where we left off:

                           1 text text text
sidehead text        2 text text text
                           3 text text text

But if the sidehead text includes multiple paragraphs, then the subsequent
main column paragraphs are pushed below the level of the last sidehead para:

                          1 text text text
sidehead text
sidehead text
sidehead text
sidehead text       2 text text text
                          3 text text text

The sort of content we would put in the sidebar is Before You Begin, This
Section Includes, etc.

We need to keep it in Text Flow A because ultimately it all goes into a
knowledgebase with all the same content, but no sideheads.

I tried anchoring a text frame to the main column text and positioned over
there, but I cannot put any content into it. I define it as a text frame,
but it always reverts to a graphic frame.

Has anyone done this successfully?

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