This is one of the more common and frustrating mis-conceptions I see in the FrameMaker community .... that publishing to ePub and other newer output formats requires structured FrameMaker. In fact, even when working with structured source files, FrameMaker's style mappings are based on paragraph and character formats, not elements.

If you are comfortable with unstructured FrameMaker, and have unstructured source files, I would start by experimenting with FrameMaker's eBook capabilities there. File > Publish. Choose your target format, and click the "Edit Settings" button. Play with the "Style Mapping" tab and see how that affects your results.

Configuring structured FrameMaker presents a daunting learning curve, that I would not recommend climbing unless you have clear requirements to do so. And FrameMaker's DocBook implementation is..., well..., anybody who tries to use it for real work is in for a world of hurt.


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On 8/12/14, 12:08 PM, Theresa de Valence wrote:
I started my Frame 12 experience with a new convert to ebook/pdf project. I created an unstructured book because I quasi-know-what-I’m-doing in the unstructured world. However, I think to publish this book as an ebook, it has to be structured. I have had a long running affair with trying to understand structured Frame and I have to say that the various pieces of documentation on are next to useless and, unfortunately, much of the documentation by others (and Adobe) starts with Frame 6 or segues into Robohelp. While I understand theoretically what’s going on with structured Frame, getting from here to there is no picnic.

Anyway, I’m starting again with the "new" structured templates which came with Frame 12. I can see that I’ll have to create or modify an EDD.

Frame 12 installed 13 versions of on my system, either dated 12/5/2013 or the date I installed the program. There are 6 files which are 282KB. How do I choose which file to open?

The file which I did open has 3 varieties of DocBook in it (SGML DocBook, XML DocBook, DocBook2.2.1). How do I choose which DocBook file to start with?

Also, my project involves converting two novellas into one ebook. I believe I’m going to require one fm book with two nested books within. How do I add that structure to the DocBook file?

I now have ~50 files which are components of my unstructured book file. How would you recommend that I take the contents of those 50 files and move them into the structured book?

Thanks for your help. I’m sure there will be more questions.



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