On 8/13/14 8:33 AM, Theresa de Valence wrote:
On 8/12/2014 3:11 PM, Scott Prentice wrote:
Don't open any of them from the file system. You have two choices ..
from the Structure Tools menu choose "Edit Application Definitions to
edit your "local" structapps file (this is most likely what you should
be using) .. OR .. from the Structure Tools menu choose "Edit Global
Application Definitions". The app definitions in the "local" file are
typically those that you create for your own use. The "global" app
definitions are those for apps provided by Adobe.

I recommend that people never modify the default apps .. either create
your own from scratch (for advanced users only), or clone the default
apps and give them a new name and modify those (the most likely
scenario). You will mess up the apps (everyone does), and it's important
to have the default unmodified apps to go back to for testing. In
general you should be able to have all the apps "installed" and
available for use at the same time.

The structapps.fm file which I did open has 3 varieties of DocBook in it (SGML DocBook, XML DocBook, DocBook2.2.1). How do I choose which DocBook
file to start with?

I'd start by using DocBook (or DITA) out of the box, totally unmodified.

Which one, SGML or XML?
XML for sure, and personally I'd use DITA. DITA for 3 reasons .. 1) the implementation of DocBook support has problems, and that may cause you trouble down the line, 2) you'll likely find more options for DITA support in the techcomm space, and 3) I like DITA better than DocBook :)

Get comfortable with that and then try making any needed modifications
(after cloning the apps). You don't have to use the entire model, just
use the bits that you need and ignore the rest. If you're just learning
how this all works, starting off by trying to modify things is just
going to cause huge amounts of grief.

Do I understand correctly that to clone the app, I "Edit Global
Application Definitions" then copy/paste the section of structapps.fm with the Application name "DocBook" from the demarking line to the demarking line (line across the page) and give it a new name like "TDocBook"

or is there more to it than this?
Do I also find the ..\docbook\app\ directories and copy contents to new directories?
There more to it. You need to create a new structure app definition (and probably create it in the "local" app definition file not the "global" one), but you also have to clone the app files themselves (at least the template, which contains the EDD). This topic described cloning the default DITA-FMx apps. The process will be different for the default FM apps, but the basic concept is the same.


The important thing is that you have to edit the EDD within the template to change the app name in there. If you just edit the name of the app in the structure app definition, it'll seem like it's working, but won't really work. You'll open a file with "your" app, but once it's open, the app name inside the EDD will define how it's saved, and it'll use the default app instead of yours .. very confusing.

As for Entity locations Public ID and Filename (local), do I rename these (in the cloned area) to reflect the new name and directories?
What else do I need to do?

This will depend on what you're modifying. Your app definition can continue to point to the default DTDs and entity definitions, if you're not modifying them, but if you are, then you have to copy those files into your new app folder (or whereever), and point to them there. These questions are hard to answer without knowing what you're changing. This is why it's best to use the default apps first and learn how it all works before modifying anything.



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