I completely agree with Rick .. assuming you know that you're going to use XML and you're going to be modifying an existing structure application. This is a great way to learn the basics from the ground up and the bigger apps will make a bit more sense.


On 8/13/14 2:53 PM, Rick Quatro wrote:
Hi, I am going to offer a contrary opinion. I wouldn't start with DocBook,
DITA, or any existing applications. I would create a simple, custom
application to get my feet wet. I do this when I train clients, even if they
are using DITA, etc. It helps them to digest the concepts with a small
application; then they can figure out how to get around in larger


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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XML for sure, and personally I'd use DITA. DITA for 3 reasons .. 1)
the implementation of DocBook support has problems, and that may cause
you trouble down the line, 2) you'll likely find more options for DITA
support in the techcomm space, and 3) I like DITA better than DocBook

OK, conceptually, I understand the value of dividing each part of the
document into a single-purpose element and that DITA might be better than
the mishmash of DocBook. However, when I look at the DITA applications in
structapps.fm, I cannot tell which application is used for plain ordinary
text (i.e. what consitutes <para>). How does one use DITA for:

Is this what the DITA map is?
[And here I thought we were going to have geographical maps in the book
8-) ]

P.S. I have ordered XML AND FRAMEMAKER by Kay Ethier but it won't be here
for several days _______________________________________________


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