I think Rick is correct. Think of building small xml docs 
with a particular need in mind to get an idea of what structure is about. The 
infrastructure behind supporting a small xml doc is the same as for a large 
document (only with fewer of each of the parts that have to be defined in 
things like the DTD and the EDD). My first xml exploration involved data in a 
spreadsheet exported to tabbed text and then wrapped in xml tags. The problem 
then was to display the data elements in a document. 

Hi, I am going to offer a contrary opinion. I wouldn't start with DocBook,
DITA, or any existing applications. I would create a simple, custom
application to get my feet wet. I do this when I train clients, even if they
are using DITA, etc. It helps them to digest the concepts with a small
application; then they can figure out how to get around in larger
Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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