Hi, John.

You can check the Windows Update history – will tell you when any Windows and 
other Microsoft tools updates occurred. Assuming you have Windows set for 
automatic updates – some will boot the machine though, so you would have seen 
that event (!).

As I recall, the FrameMaker ones are not automatic (i.e., you have to choose to 
do them), I think, but am not sure of this.

Also, the Windows System logs will show you more details on any issues that 
Windows has seen – this is a bit more complex though. You have to search for 
things – maybe a search for the FrameMaker executable in those logs?

More SWAGs:

Also, have you tried to run an anti-virus checker like Malwarebytes 
Anti-Malware? Might be good to see if some random rootkit or other program is 
causing issues with a port that causes Mif2Go to get very unhappy?

I also suggest trying a (careful) registry cleaning with CCleaner – not just 
for the apps tab, but the Registry cleaner tab (use with care – make sure to 
DEselect the “Unused File Extensions” checkbox … that is a bit too much 
overkill, IMHO.


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no - not that I know of anyway
There was maybe an hour from the time of the last successful build (2:11pm 
Tuesday) and the first failed build. I was chugging through a series of 10 
books, one by one, as I had done before. After the two biggest books were done, 
I got some lunch downstairs and then got back to it on an easy book...and I 
have had no success since then.

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 1:01 PM, Robert Lauriston 
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Was there a Windows or FrameMaker update between the last successful build and 
the first failure?



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