Sorry for the long response here, but perhaps others might benefit from what I 

Jeff Coatsworth wrote:

Ø  One longstanding FM grumble is the program’s desire to always maintain all 
its files (.book, .fm, .backup, .lck, .auto, etc.) in one location – you can 
never designate another place to keep those “extra” file types out of the way.

Yeah! ☺

My approach is simplistic, way overkill, but it works well for me:

1.      Each of my document versions (i.e., all the .book, .fm, .ini files, 
etc.) are in a separate working directory.

2.      Below each working directory, there are two subdirectories “Archive” 
and “Images”. All the images in that document – used by reference – are located 
in the “Images” sub-directory to keep them separated out.

3.      Just about every time (but not always) that I start an editing session 
on a document – same or next day or whenever – I manually run a tiny script 
before bringing up FrameMaker.

4.      This script copies all the files in the working directory to the 
“Archive” sub-directory (overwriting whatever is in there from the previous 
session), then deletes all .backup files in the working directory, deletes 
backup files from my text editor, etc.

5.      This gives me (a) a clean working environment to start the session, and 
(b) retains a copy of the document so that I can recover to just before the 
editing session very quickly if I need to do so.

6.      Occasionally, I create and check a PDF at the end of the editing 
session – particularly when the document is further along – to make sure that 
the output file generation is working normally, and to send out a review copy.

7.      Once I release a document (the final PDF and its files are released, 
etc.), the “Archive” subdirectory is permanently deleted – for obvious reasons, 
the “Images” subdirectory has to stay intact, of course!

FWIW, I don’t like/use the idea of disabling the automatic backup feature 
within FrameMaker as mentioned by Robert Lauriston – even though my editing 
session work-flow does not strictly need them anymore.

Also, since I run twice-daily (at 9am and 3pm) automated Windows backups (I 
love Shadow Protect from Storage Craft!), there is a lot of overkill in my 
editing work flow here.


P.S: I have learned (the hard way ☹) after three decades of using computers 
that, when it comes to files and storage, wearing multiple belts and suspenders 
is a Good Thing™. ☺ So, all my files are located in three places: (a) on my 
laptop as a normal working location, (b) at work on a 2TB attached disk and (c) 
at home on a Synology NAS RAID-1 server. If I am on a business trip, the Shadow 
Protect backups just go to a second drive on my laptop till I return and the 
files are copied off.

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