Hi Amy,

Yes, sorry, I tried the *.* option to copy all files, and as I mentioned it 
copies ALL files including the .bat file. If I limit it to finding only the 
types of files I want to copy then it works, in my case*.xml. But it is rather 
limiting in the case that I had, say, 10 different file types I would have 

Anyway, I'll keep playing with it.


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Good stuff. This is why it's so nice to have a little DOS in your pocket so you 
can customize it for the way you work.

Are you copying *.*? That copies everything. I don't know of an exclusionary 
command with copy, but it may exist-I'm not an expert, I just troll the web 
until I find what I need. ;-)

For now, to copy everything except *.bat, you would need to specify only the 
file types to be copied, as in *.fm, *.backup.fm, *.backup.book, *.log, etc.

For example:
Copy *.backup.fm *.backup.book *.log  *.pdf .\ProjectBackup\

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