Got it! Definitely works well for you then. I am still on the freebie plans for 
DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for now (combined storage is about 
60 GB) for my file-sharing needs. 

FWIW, I have stayed off the larger-capacity, paid storage plans because I ended 
up getting a RAID-1 NAS server at home for the five systems that I back up 
regularly. Fully automated (Time Machine for four Mac's and ShadowProtect for 
my Lenovo). 


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Yup, the synced desktop/laptop/online copies is exactly what I want. Dropbox 
just increased the space to 1TB for the paid version, which is more than enough 
for my active files. Didn't mention that I also use it to transfer files to 
others. And can access it from my phone and tablet. More than worth the $100 a 


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> Syed Zaeem Hosain said "Hmmm ... your Dropbox folder and its contained files 
> are _still_ entirely resident on your hard-drive too (till they are deleted 
> in the DropBox "folder")! This is how they allow "off-line" work as well, 
> when not connected "on-line" on the Internet."


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