I haven't had need to work with text insets, but I'm wondering if you can shorten your procedure by inserting the non-breaking space into the autonumber format for the InsetAnchor paragraph format, and setting its position to "End of paragraph." It seems like that would automatically add it where you want. Have you tried it?

Mike Wickham

On 10/1/2014 4:38 PM, Stuart Rogers wrote:
For insets (harder to maintain, depending on inset content), create a pgf tag in the container document, e.g., InsetAnchor:
Font Size: 12 pt
Color: (something other than black)
Spacing Above Pgf: --12.0 pt

In the inset source document, create a variant tag based on the last paragraph of the inset (e.g., BodyInsetLast as a variant of Body):
Spacing Below Pgf: --12.0 pt (negative 12 points)
Apply that tag to the last paragraph of the inset.

In the container document, create a new empty paragraph where you want the inset to go.
Tag the paragraph InsetAnchor.
In that paragraph, type a non-breaking space (to overcome the bug that reformats the paragraph on updating the inset).
Place your cursor just before the non-breaking space and import the inset.


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