Seems is not frequented by Adobe tech support staff, or at least very often. Where does one go to find answers about Adobe products?

I’ll recap my issues:
Frame 12.0.3 document, my Fm book began with Frame Standard Template for User Guide.
Looks fine in pdf.
In Publish pod, am trying to generate an epub.

When I first published my fm book to epub, the “publish” process worked correctly and I could read the log report. The epub was not correct however.

So, understanding a bit more, I started a new Settings file and I have mapped:

HeadingBook to h1 (Heading 1)
HeadingVolume to h2 (Heading 2)
Heading0 to h3 (Heading 3)
Heading1 to h3 (Heading 3)
Heading2 to h4 (Heading 4)
Heading3 to h5 (Heading 5)
all the Heading...TOC files to h6 (Heading 6)
BodyBegin to p.BodyLevel1
BodyContent to p.BodyLevel2

In ALL of the Style Mappings of paratags, NONE of the other tickboxes has been selected (e.g. Exclude from output, Pagination, Autonumber, etc.).

Note that I have several fm paratags mapped to one HTML tag. No other paragraph tags or character tags in the fm document has been mapped.

Although the process gives me the option to View Output, the output is not correct and I'm still getting MIF: "C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\TPUBTMP\FileName_A01.mif" (5239): Value of Separation out of range (10)
(this error is for the whole book)

If I publish only one fm file I get
MIF: "C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\TPUBTMP\FileName_.mif" (5707): Value of Separation out of range (10)

One more thought:
Niels Grundtvig Nielsen suggested the problem might have to do with colour definitions and he discussed his directly modifying the MIF file which solved *his* problem. I've no idea *how* to modify the MIF file, so I’d rather not go there. BUT the Frame Standard Templates use a colour definition called “CorporateColor_Primary”, so please consider this amongst the issues.


Thanks in advance,
Theresa de Valence

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