Hi Linda, 

as far as I remember, this behaviour is set in the PDF distiller
profile. In the advanced options you may try to activate / deactivate
DSC comments. 

Another way of defining document properties is via pdfmark. This can be
defined in each document or only in one document for the whole book. 

"pdfmark" text is added in separate text frames set up as postscript
text (invisible text), either on a normal page or on a master page that
is applied. 

pls see: 



Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Linda Rose: 

> Hi, 
> I have some pdf files made from Framemaker 11 that show the FM book filename 
> in the Document Properties window of the PDF (File > Properties). I also have 
> some pdf files made from Framemaker 11 that show a blank field in the 
> Document Properties window of the PDF. I can't figure out why some pdf files 
> display the FM book filename and others don't. I've checked the File > Info 
> box in the FM source files for both books and it is blank. 
> Thanks, 
> Linda

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