Bare bones background:

We have Excel spreadsheets that we convert to XML files using a script. The
script also creates a ditamap for all the files and creates an XML file
that contains a table that links to all the individual XML files.

We use DITAFMx to convert the ditamap and XML files to a single FM file
(still in structured). At this point, the xrefs work just fine.

Here's the tricky part. I then import (by copy) the newly created FM files
into an UNSTRUCTURED FM file (because that's what the rest of the book is
in, and no, this is not currently an option to change, don't even ask, it's
a MESS), which is opened in FM with the structured interface so that the
structured information can be retained.

As soon as I copy those files into the container (unstructured) file, the
xrefs break. I need those xrefs to NOT break, and I don't have time to
relink 500 or so xrefs every time I create this book.

I've tried this on the FM install on my desktop, which uses the structured
interface but is NOT in a DITA/structured environment, and the FM install
on a server, which uses the structured interface and IS in a
DITA/Structured environment.

If I open the files on their own, they're fine. If I import them into the
unstructured document, the links go bye-bye and I can't regenerate them.

I'm beyond frustrated. Any clues would be appreciated.

Lin Sims

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