Hi Gillian...

You may want to post this question to the framemaker-dita Yahoo group for additional info.

1) There are no DITA "publishing scripts" in FM. To generate a PDF you save the map to a book file (with FM chapter files), then save the book to a PDF. The formatting of the generated FM files is controlled by the structure application(s). Customizing the structure applications is far more complex than can be explained in an email, but that's where you'll need to look. Note that there is no difference between DITA authored in Oxygen or FM .. if it's valid DITA, it's just DITA. Some people think that DITA in FM isn't "pure DITA" .. it should be, and if it's not, it's not DITA.

<note type="vendor-comment">DITA-FMx provides a much easier path to publishing and customizing than you'll get with default FM, and can be fully automated with additional tools.</note>

2) It depends on what you're trying to do. Here's the official list, the mode of "connection" to FM and the effectiveness of these CMSes can be debated ..


<note type="vendor-comment">DITA-FMx connects to the XDocs CMS, which is I believe the lowest-cost CMS on the list. We are in the process of working on a connector with easyDITA as well.</note>

3) It depends on how consistently tagged your FM files are. If your FM files are a "mess" it's going to be really hard .. if your FM files are really clean, it's going to be just reasonably hard. The sample files and webinar on this page may be of some use ..




Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

On 11/20/14 11:35 AM, Gillian Flato wrote:

I am considering using Tech Comm Suite 5 for a project. I have some questions 
which I know you guys can answer better than Adobe:

1. How do you edit the publishing scripts to make custom-designed PDFs? Is it 
the same as with Oxygen and “pure” DITA? I have edited custom plugins that I 
used with Oxygen.

2. What’s a good, relatively low-cost CMS to use with Tech Comm Suite 5?

3. How easy is it to convert unstructured Frame docs to DITA docs to be used in 




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