Hi, Hedley.

Once a version 7.2 license has been used for an upgrade, it is no longer 
available for sale (or transfer of license) any more – Robert Lauriston is 
right about that.

But, as it happens, I have some 7.2 licenses (and the original Adobe disks) 
which were not upgraded, so can make those available if you want to buy one (or 

I had posted here about these some time back, but our IT guys were slow in 
figuring out what to do at Adobe to get them transferred, so I could not follow 
up with the person who was interested in purchasing them.

In any case, I can probably find these disks fairly quickly. If you can find 
out from Adobe what you might need from me to make the license transfer happen 
– since these were never used for upgrades – and are interested in getting one 
or two, please let me know.


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I was thinking that there may be someone who bought a version, say 9, then did 
not upgrade for a a few years and the ability to upgrade had expired.  If that 
person then bought a later version -- by necessity, not being able to upgrade 
-- it seems to me that they could transfer the licence for the older version, 
say 9, without any difficulties.

By the way, does anybody have a support email address?  I tried to find one but 
kept being sent round in circles, continually being directed back to community 
support, which ain't what's wanted.  I just want to try out the above scenario 
on someone official at Adobe who can give a definitive answer.

I am now living on a pension so cannot afford either the educational or full 
price of a new release.


On 8 December 2014 at 09:59, Hedley Finger 
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FrameMaker 7.2 was the last version I used, but the licence belonged to my 
employer. Now I want to start using it again but don't want to pay for 12.0.

But there may be people out there who have successively upgraded to 12.0 who 
still have a 10.0, 9.0, or 8.0 installer CD in a drawer which is no longer 
upgradeable to 12.0. Are they legitimately able to transfer their 9.0 licence 
(say) and CD to another person?

I googled for used copies of FrameMaker but the hits all looked very dodgy, and 
were possibly vehicles for installing viruses.

Regards, Hedley

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