OK...I have some time...let me go into greater detail. If there are holes
in my explanation, attribute it to confidentiality.

I have 5 main Lines of Business (LOBs) documented and arranged in "Books";
will call them Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, and Book 6. I also have a
Book 1, which contains methodology and procedure chapters that are common
to all LOBs.

Within each Book 2 through 6, there are Products (Style:
ChapterHeading)...between 8 to 30 products; depending on the LOB

Within each Product, there are 5 specific Sections (Style: Heading1);
standard sections by title but different content each time

Follow so far?

When I do a compiled book for LOB 1, from the Framemaker Book panel, I
include Book 1 and Book 2, excluding Book 3 through 6
When I do a compiled book for LOB 2, from the Framemaker Book panel, I
include Book 1 and Book 3, excluding Book 2 and Book 4 through 6

Now...sometimes I need to output a Mini-Book. A specific LOB, with only
specific Products, with only specific Sections, usually on the request of a
regulatory request.

Because of the way I have the files set up, I simply Include only what I
need and Generate

My total document is almost 7,000 pages. using this system, I can generate
a specific book with from 10 to 1500 pages in less than a half hour and
know exactly what is in the book, not more and not less..

John X Posada

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