Maeli Zacchetti wrote:

On previous projects I’ve used ~20 part name variables (created in a master 
file, then applied to each *.fm file through a book update) and then inserted 
that part’s variable any time I need to use the part name.  For this project 
 100+ parts it seems like that could start getting painful, just in terms of 
scrolling through a massive variable list.
I was thinking that I could use text insets as another option, if it were 
possible to import from a single cell in a table (e.g. excel file). That would 
let me use the spreadsheet that I’d have to create anyway for planning out the 
 (and internal tracking of what name I’m assigning to a given part number).  

In the past I’ve used text insets to reference repeated short paragraphs, using 
a series of individual text documents to hold each paragraph. So I guess I 
could do the same thing again, but then I’d end up with 100+ text files, which 
 like a different kind of inconvenient compared to the 100+ variables.
 It's not necessary to use one file per inset. Text insets import a text 
*flow*, not the whole file (even if your files have only one flow, you still 
have to select that flow when you're inserting an inset). What you can have is 
a series of files that have multiple, named flows in them. At least this way 
you're able to break the hundreds of variables down into a 2-level hierarchy so 
that you could avoid having either level's selection list longer than 15 (up to 
225 discrete insets) to 20 (up to 400) choices. 

-Fred Ridder


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