Sorry if this is obvious to some .. I'm thinking it's not obvious to all.

This Help system *is* responsive .. it's just that the "response" points seem to be at odd sizes (at least to me). If your browser window is around 1300px wide, you'll get the "full" set of features. At around 1000px you get a reduced set. Then around 700px it bumps down again.

Losing the TOC at 1300px seems a bit extreme. Personally, I'd set that at 600-800px. Not everyone works with a browser at full screen, and there's no reason that you need so much room for the content pane. Keep the TOC visible until the content pane is too small to be useful.

I really like the fact that this is responsive .. the problem is that a responsive layout needs to be well designed at all sizes. That does complicate things a bit, but it's worth the effort in the long run.



On 12/15/14 5:54 AM, Ed Nodland wrote:
I agree. I downloaded the PDF instead. A lot of web content seems to be going the way of cell phone/small screen display. In the USA I see more and more sites starting to look like cell phone displays with less real information. It appears that instead of implementing responsive HTML, companies are implementing cell phone displays as the standard for all devices. I often think the information is also becoming more pedestrian, i.e less technical.

I remember looking up how to install a home furnace. It said step three was the hardest; Step 3: Locating a furnace contractor.

I that light, the only hard part about implementing Framemaker is locating a good FM consultant.


On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 1:32 AM, Davis, David < <>> wrote:

    I don't wanna be overly blunt, but the new online help basically
    looks terrible
    (on my Windows 7 / IE10 default setup).  The fonts are enormous
    and you have to click through too many layers of headings to find
    with no ToC or breadcrumb trail.

    The plain fact is that the printed manual trumped any of this
    new-fangled gubbins.
    If Adobe really feel it eats into their profit margin too much to
    include it with the software as standard,
    could they not consider selling a printed manual separately, as an
    additional option?


    David Davis

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