I currently need to create a new non-structured book in Frame 12 that will
have one of three possible outputs (to .pdf).  I’m looking for advice on
the best way to create and maintain the project.

To simplify the problem: previously we had the Product A user manual and
the Product B user manual – maintained and distributed separately.  These
manuals are each at about 15 chapters and 800+ pages each, with little or
no overlapping content.

Now, my company has merged the two products into an optional third product,
so that we have three possible product permutations (and manuals): Product
A, Product B and now the new Product C (which consists of all of the
components/chapters from both A+B).

So my question is: what is the best way to merge the two document sets so
that I can publish Manual A, Manual B or Manual C (A+B), depending on the

Should I conditionalize all the chapters under one book – so that I would
only display and publish the appropriate chapters based on the customer —
e.g. publish chapters set to Condition A, Condition B, or both conditions
for Product C?  Or should I use the hierarchical book structure and then
add/delete the subordinate book depending on the customer release?

I have no experience with hierarchical books so I’m not sure what the
benefits or drawbacks are.

I could also simply add/delete the appropriate A/B chapters from the master
book manually – but with 30+ chapters, this seems like it could be prone to
mistakes in publishing the correct content.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.



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