That's essentially the format I've adopted for our current templates. I publish 
to our web server using WebWorks Reverb for our primary format, but use PDFs 
for reviews and for externally distributed documents. Documents with large 
complex tables are usually easier to read on paper and some of our diagrams 
have to be printed out in tabloid size (or larger) to be readable.


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Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2014 8:05 AM
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Subject: RE: Page count even or no

We recently changed our templates to eliminate the alternating left/right page 
layouts, since a consistent page layout looks better online, but we still keep 
the blank pages if anyone wants to print double-sided. Our pages are numbered 
consecutively straight through the entire document, starting at the front 
cover, so that the PDF page number always matches the printed page number.

Best regards,

Gary Etzel
Technical Communications Manager

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Subject: Page count even or no

Do you guys still follow print protocols and produce PDFs with an even number 
of pages per chapter, or no, since everyone reads PDFs online and hardly anyone 
prints a manual anymore?


Gillian Flato
Technical Publications
Pi-Coral, Inc.

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