This morning I discovered the following:
Acrobat 11 does not allow to have directory names containing a comma. This was 
not a 
problem with Acrobat 9.5.xx
Using FM- to save as PDF works well except for files in a praticular 
directory: D:\Private\Haus+hof\Entsorg,ERZ\ creates an empty 
which creates the Distiller Message [ Warning: Empty job. No PDF file 

I was fiddling around, e.g. save as MIF, then open the MIF and Save as PDF from 
MIF (no effect); multiple times restarted FM and even W7-x64 (no effect); 
saving the 
PDF to another directory (worked).
Then suddenly had the idea with the directory name. After changing the 
directory name 
to Entsorgung+ERZ (no comma, but +) everything is fine again...

IMHO this is a bug, as on windows a comma is allowed in directory names.
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