I have only ever had this problem upon receiving files back from a Language 
Service Provider (LSP) - and it has always been the result of a path change 
made by the LSP.

Every doc I publish is moved from my working folders (tied to Visual Source 
Safe) to a "finished" directory for final compilation and so long as I keep the 
relative paths the same (at least up to the highest folder in which any 
required publication files reside) then I never have a problem with relative 
paths and my "imported by reference" graphics are fine.

The advice I received from the List to fix the problem (back in 2011) is as 
follows. It’s worked every time I’ve encountered this issue.

“Just in case that the path info has been changed, say from relative paths to 
absolute paths…you can still change them back, in a dirty, quick way. First, 
you need to save all FM files into MIF. Then you can use a search-and-replace 
tool that supports wildcards/regular expressions, such as the legendary 
UltraEditor – just replace the “c:\folder\subfolders\” stuff with “..\..\” – of 
course the strings look differently in the MIF, but this is a just a quick 
example. And finally, you resave all MIF’s back to FM’s.”

Hope this help,


Alison Craig | Technical Documentation Lead
Ultrasonix | 130-4311 Viking Way | Richmond, BC  V6V 2K9 | 
T 604-279-8550 ext 127 | F 604-279-8559


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"FrameMaker stores relative paths whenever possible so that it can find an 
imported file even when you move both the document and the source file—as long 
as you keep the files in the same relative locations."


On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 1:34 AM, Harro de Jong 
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> I recently ran into an issue: we received a set of FrameMaker files

> for translation. After we sent the translated files back to the

> customer, they complained that all of the image paths in their files were 
> changed.


> They were using relative paths that had lots  of ‘parent’ references:


> ..\..\..\..\..\..\Graphics\etc


> When I received these files, I placed them in a directory 4 levels deep:


> F:\Customer\project\translation\incoming\blah.fm


> When I opened this file Frame asked for the location of external

> graphics. I selected ‘Ignore all missing files’ and saved the file as MIF.


> When I inspected the MIF, the graphics paths were truncated to


> ..\..\..\..\Graphics\etc...


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