Winfried Reng said:
>However, I do not know how FrameMaker gets the path
>to the orginal graphics files.
>Does this happen only, if another file is open which points to
>the graphics files of the copied file?
>Otherwise I wonder how FrameMaker can find out where the
>graphics files are located.

That part of detecting the absolute file location is easy. After a program 
accessing a file (through all the relative references), determining the 
absolute location of a file is trivial in code.

The truncation mentioned by Harro is troublesome though.

Also, there is a path length limit in Windows - I thought it was 256 
characters, but may be 64 characters? And this does not explain the network 
file name issue mentioned ...

I'll look ...


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Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 10:35 AM
Subject: FM 10 sometimes changes graphics paths

hi all,

I recently ran into an issue: we received a set of FrameMaker files for 
translation. After we sent the translated files back to the customer, they 
complained that all of the image paths in their files were changed.
They were using relative paths that had lots  of 'parent' references:

When I received these files, I placed them in a directory 4 levels deep:


When I opened this file Frame asked for the location of external graphics. I 
selected 'Ignore all missing files' and saved the file as MIF.
When I inspected the MIF, the graphics paths were truncated to

So the path gets truncated to the number of levels available from the current 

When I store the file on an UNC path, it gets worse:
graphics paths:

In my opinion, this is a bug. When I select 'Ignore all missing files', Frame 
should leave the existing paths alone.

Has anyone else seen the same behavior?
Harro de Jong


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