Hi Steve, thanks for replying.

And yes, this is primarily an IT problem but I also have a deadline looming. I 
have not tried saving the files in MIF format, but will. It doesn't happen to 
all files and I have seen no pattern so far. Just a few minutes ago it did it 
to a PDF file, so apparently it is not just a Frame thing.

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At 18:58 +0000 14/1/15, Michael Norton wrote:

>Recently, our IT department put disk encryption software (WinMagic) on our 
>machines. Since then, several times when I have tried to open a FrameMaker v10 
>(.fm) file, I have gotten the Unknown File Type dialog. If I then restore a 
>backup of the file stored in our version control system, FrameMaker will open 
>it just fine.
>I've tried opening the files several ways, such as via a book file, via File | 
>Open, double-clicking in Windows Explorer, and so on, but that makes no 
>difference. I also have FrameMaker v12 and it experiences the same problem.

I have two initial thoughts:

. It would seem to be your IT department's responsibility to fix this ;-)

. Does it occur if you save FrameMaker files in MIF (i.e. a pure text format)?

It would seem that the disk encryption is corrupting FrameMaker binaries.


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