At 19:36 +0000 14/1/15, Michael Norton wrote:

>And yes, this is primarily an IT problem but I also have a deadline looming. I 
>have not tried saving the files in MIF format, but will. It doesn't happen to 
>all files and I have seen no pattern so far. Just a few minutes ago it did it 
>to a PDF file, so apparently it is not just a Frame thing.

This just underlines my dislike and distrust of disk encryption software. For 
example, apparently the most recent release of Apple's OS X operating system 
(Yosemite) turns on disk encryption by default, and it's really messed up some 

If your IT department has introduced this because of company policy, then the 
issues clearly go higher, but no company worth its salt is going to stick with 
across-the-board changes that impact productivity.


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